How Robotics Use in the Industry May Increase Travel Demand 1

How Robotics Use in the Industry May Increase Travel Demand

Robotics use has become more popular in recent years. However, the pandemic has turned some of these innovations from luxury gimmicks to essential conveniences. Here are some ways that robotics use in the hotel industry may increase travel demand.

  • Contactless experiences – robot butlers can be used to provide customer service while increasing safety for guests. According to one report, nearly three-quarters of travelers are concerned about how COVID-19 will impact their travel. The use of robotics may help to alleviate some of these concerns.  
  • Filling the staffing crisis – while some may see it in poor taste to replace human employees with robots during an economic crisis, the hotel industry may see things a little differently. After all, the staffing crisis exists because people don’t want to work in the industry, not because businesses aren’t hiring. Investing in robotics may solve the staffing crisis and provide better customer service to guests. After all, when you have robotics in place to lighten the load on your staff, they can be more attentive when someone calls the front desk. 

It is no wonder that nearly one-third of responders in a recent study say that their business will be sinking funds into robotics over the next year. 

Help Guests Enjoy Their Return to Travel

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