Industry Experts Weigh in on What Will Shake Up Travel in 2022 1

Industry Experts Weigh in on What Will Shake Up Travel in 2022

Travel may never be the same and the hotel industry needs to keep up in order to offer the experiences that people want. Here are a few industry trends that experts say will shake things up in the coming year:

  • Ecotourism – Not only do travelers want their vacations to be more sustainable, but they also want to enjoy environmental experiences. Partnering with local organizations, perhaps that even allow travelers to do some volunteer work, could be a draw, along with using sustainable practices at your hotel.
  • Dream vacations – the pandemic has taught us that life is short and that circumstances can change in an instant. As a result, more people are trying to tick those bucket list vacations off now instead of waiting for the perfect time. Be sure to advertise why your area offers unforgettable opportunities and why your hotel is the perfect base of operations for their journey. 
  • Travel with close friends – people have been away from their friends for too long. Travel is a great way to give new life to friendships that may have been strained by absence during the pandemic. Make sure guests are well-informed about local pandemic restrictions, so they know exactly what they and their friends will be able to do during their travels

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