3 Essential Supplies for Your Janitorial Company to Stock Up On (1)

3 Essential Supplies for Your Janitorial Company to Stock Up On

Janitorial companies like yours have suddenly become more important than ever to your clients. A1 American is proud to supply janitorial companies with the essential products you need. Here are three examples of necessary supplies that we provide in bulk at affordable rates.

  • Microfiber towels – Microfiber has superior cleaning ability, both in how much the towels can absorb and how good they are at getting down to microscopic particles. Add a disinfectant for the ultimate cleaning ability. Our microfiber towels are non-abrasive to avoid scratching surfaces. They are perfect for bathrooms, office, gyms, and even glass!
  • Nitrile gloves – We sell nitrile gloves by the case. With one hundred gloves to a box and ten boxes to a case, that means you can get 500 pairs of gloves in small, medium, larger, or XL sizes for less than twenty cents per glove.
  • Hand sanitizer – We sell 70% alcohol hand sanitizing gel by the gallon. Your staff can use it to keep their hands clean between glove changes. You can also use it to refill dispensers for your clients. This is an attractive service to offer during the pandemic if you are looking for new clients. Every company needs hand sanitizer dispensers, but not every company is good at keeping them full. 

Get Your Janitorial Supplies from A1 American

We are proud to offer the products that American businesses need in order to thrive. Contact us today by calling 833.205.2200 and learn more about the products that we have for janitorial companies like yours.

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