How COVID-19 Has Changed What Amenities Hotel Guests Expect

In the past, a hotel was sometimes judged by the brand of tiny amenity bottles supplied in the bathroom. Now, people are more concerned than ever about safety while traveling. Amenities need to start in the lobby with a contact-free hand sanitizer dispenser with sanitizing gel. But why stop there?

The new amenities kit a hotel guest wants would include masks, a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, and even some alcohol wipes for their smartphone. Yes, a PPE welcome kit is the new standard for hotel amenities.

Of course, you may still want to supply standard amenities for guests. Just remember that you don’t want to add contact points between guests that could lead to the transmission of the virus. Therefore, you may need to change out bottles between guests, even if they were not used. Or at least the unused bottles should be thoroughly disinfected. This would be similar to how you would disinfect a wall dispenser for soap if you have installed those to cut back on plastic waste at your facility.

Entering a New Age for the Hospitality Industry

From sustainability to safety, there are so many things you have to think about regarding the hotel experience that guests would never have thought of even just a few years ago. A1 American has been providing businesses with needed supplies for over a century. We know how to adapt to the times and how to help you do it as well. Call 833.205.2200 to speak to a representative and place your order today.

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