3 Trends for the Future of the Hotel Industry 1

3 Trends for the Future of the Hotel Industry

The global pandemic has affected many industries adversely and perhaps none as extremely as the hotel industry. However, the future is looking up, and we’re here to help you get ready for the good times to come. Here are three trends that will shape the future of the hotel industry.

  • Sustainability – The Millennial generation is trying their best to save the planet for their children and grandchildren. That means a shift in values from luxury to sustainability. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive, so if you can source your hotel products in a sustainable way while still providing a luxurious experience, you can give guests the best of both worlds.
  • Learning from Airbnb – The big advantage that the hotel industry has over competitors like Airbnb is trust. Now, it is time to close the gap in other areas by providing experiences that meet traveler wants. For one thing, contactless check-in is one of the things that needs to translate into the hotel industry.  
  • Lean into the coming demand – The end of 2020 is projected to continue the struggles as can be expected due to the pandemic. However, surveys reveal that people are eager to get back to travel. That means you need to be ready not just for business travel to resume but also for recreational travel – first domestic, follow by international.

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