Have a Plan to Help Your Healthcare Facility Survive COVID-19 1

Have a Plan to Help Your Healthcare Facility Survive COVID-19

Hospitals are struggling due to the pandemic, and not just because the facility may be overrun during an outbreak. An unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is patients putting off anything that they don’t deem as 100% necessary. This has caused a major cash flow issue for medical facilities across the country.

To survive, facilities need to show people that it is safe to have procedures performed. Here are a few tips to help.

  • Advertise your COVID-19 plan – What do you do if an employee tests positive? Letting your patients know your procedures in advance will help them to feel safe.
  • Have and provide appropriate PPE – The shortage of PPE left everyone in danger for months. However, these products are now more readily available. Do you have enough PPE for your staff and patients alike?
  • Screen patients – One of the best ways to ensure that your staff and patients stay healthy is through screenings. Since a patient can have COVID-19 without any symptoms, you need to test patients to ensure they are negative for the virus before they have a procedure performed.

With the right planning and supplies, your medical facility can continue to thrive! How can A1 American help?

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