5 Easy Steps to Brighten Up your Classroom 1

5 Easy Steps to Brighten Up your Classroom

The classroom just isn’t the same place it was a year ago. One way to help kids feel more comfortable, calm and happy to learn is by brightening up the learning space. Here are a few tips to help with getting that started:

  1. Washi Tape – If you haven’t heard of this brightly colored tape, it is a great crafting tool that can be used for fun eye catching decor. Kids can use washi tape to brighten up their notebooks, pencils and other school supplies. You can use it in the classroom as well.
  2. LED lighting – you can have LED string lights in the room. They are inexpensive and long-lasting. Some even change colors.
  3. Add plants to the room – plants give the kids a chance to help out by caring for them. Plus, they add a bright pop of green to any four walls. They are even good for air quality and circulation.
  4. Set up a bulletin board – don’t just use the board for classroom announcements. Make it a place where you can proudly display artwork or even class photos.
  5. Seasonal projects – whether it is flowers in spring or leaves in the fall, there are plenty of seasonal projects that can use bright colors. Encourage the students to display their colorful projects in the classroom. They can bring them home after the season ends.

You Supply the Bright Colors, A1 America Will Provide the Essentials

A1 American is proud to be supporting classrooms across the nation with essential care products that can help protect students and teachers during the pandemic. Don’t forget to use washi tape on your cleaning wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers to brighten them up and remind the kids to use them regularly for a pop of fun for everyone while taking necessary precautions.

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