According to Hoteliers, This Is the Ideal Hotel Guest 1

According to Hoteliers, This Is the Ideal Hotel Guest

It’s one thing to get your hotel rooms seen by consumers in general. It is something else completely to get your marketing in front of the right eyes – consumers who are planning to travel and want to book a hotel room for their stay. Here are some hotelier tips and research on who your ideal hotel guest is, so you can be sure to target the right audience:

  • General info – first, consider the general information about your target audience. Is your hotel geared toward a certain age range, families, couples, etc.?
  • Professional information – will your hotel cater to business travelers? If so, you may choose to target your audience by education level, annual income or even specific professions.
  • Guest interests – some hotels and locations cater better to specific interests. This is where you begin to explore the hobbies, interests, and values of potential guests. 
  • Travel habits – what type of travel is your target guests involved in? Do you offer a local culinary experience, health and wellness options, romantic getaways, family outings?

Once you gather as much of this info as you can, then you know how to set up your digital marketing campaigns. You may also find that it is best to target specific social media platforms where your target audience is more likely to spend time.

Treat Your Hotel Guests to the Best Experience

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