Here Is How to Provide Guests with the Best Customer Service Before They Book a Room 1

Here Is How to Provide Guests with the Best Customer Service Before They Book a Room

Most hotels focus on providing the best experience once a guest arrives at the hotel. However, you also need to think about guest experience before the booking if you want them to stay with you in the first place. Here are some tips for offering great customer service to your guests before they even complete the booking process.

  • Providing key information – your potential guests are going to want certain information about their stay before booking. Making sure that information is transparent and easily accessible is a crucial part of the customer service experience. If you provide the desired information in a clearer manner than your competitors, that may make the difference in who gets the booking.
  • A simple and intuitive booking process – if it is too complicated to book, a traveler is going to give up and look elsewhere. At the same time, consumers want to be able to think about big purchases. Consider how you can capture traveler information while still allowing them to come back and complete the booking later.
  • Train your hotel staff – some guests will still want to call the front desk or send an email to learn more. Train your hotel staff, so they have the information consumers want. Teach them to patiently answer questions, even if the information requested is readily available on the website.

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