Are Luxury Hotel Zoos the Next Trending Vision 1

Are Luxury Hotel Zoos the Next Trending Vision?

Zoos are a popular family vacation, but many agree that the conditions found in zoos are not always favorable for the animals. Safaris are popular but very expensive, creating more of a luxury price tag but without offering the amenities. Is a new trend about to arise in luxury hotels that bridges the gap? That’s the concept behind luxury hotel zoos.

The wealthy are willing to spend a small fortune for elegant rooms with expansive views of cities, beaches, and other astounding sights. What if you brought the safari to your luxury hotel? Imagine hundreds of acres for wild animals native to your continent to roam free in. Then slap a 5,000-room luxury hotel in the center of it, where everyone can go on safari just by opening the blackout shades in the morning (or afternoon – they’re paying enough to wake up whenever they want, right?).

Disney has already done this on a family-friendly scale with their Animal Kingdom resort. Now it is time for luxury hotel brands to step up and create some of the world’s most stunning once-in-a-lifetime zoo/hotel experiences. When they do, A1 American will be there to provide the luxury supplies hoteliers need to welcome guests.

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