Virtual Luxury Hotel Tours and Their Benefits 1

Virtual Luxury Hotel Tours and Their Benefits

A new trend in the hotel industry is to use a virtual reality experience to welcome guests to the hotel prior to their making a decision about booking. Why are luxury hotels, in particular, getting on board with this trend? And what are the benefits of virtual luxury hotel tours?

Virtual hotel tours use modern VR tech to take marketing to a whole new level. It allows a person to take a first-person tour of the facility from the privacy of their home or office. “Seeing is believing” is a common adage in the world today. Well, the immersive experience of virtual reality takes that up a notch and creates the sensation of actually being in the lobby, the hotel restaurant, a guest suite, and more.

Clearly, there are many benefits of virtual reality hotel tours. Consider the following:

  • Try before you buy – Virtual reality tours give consumers the chance to experience your luxury hotel before booking. It shows confidence in the quality of the experience.
  • Digital trendsetting – VR tours show that your hotel is on the cutting edge of modern hotel tech. It’s a taste of what they can expect once they arrive.
  • Hands-on marketing – there is really no more direct way to convince a traveler that your hotel is the one to beat for quality and luxury.

Combining Luxury with Sustainability

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