Can the Right Bedding Improve Your Sleep Quality 1

Can the Right Bedding Improve Your Sleep Quality?

The shorter answer is yes, it can! That’s why hotels and vacation rentals need to focus on the right kinds of pillows and sheets. A guest’s experience is often tied to how well they sleep. Here are a few of the ways that bedding is linked to a good night’s rest.

  • Pillows – Good posture is essential for proper sleep, and the right pillow can certainly help with that. Your pillow needs to support the natural curve of your neck at nights, to avoid cramping and discomfort when you wake. Therefore, back sleepers will need a softer pillow that allows the head to nestle in, whereas side sleepers will need something closer to a medium firmness that leaves room for the shoulder. This is why it is essential to provide an array of pillow types for your guests to choose from. With so many types of ways that people sleep, customizing a personal pillow for personal preference is necessary.
  • Sheets – Bedsheets offer tactile comfort as well as the proper balance of warmth and breathability. For example, during the winter, microfiber sheets trap in heat and provide a soft and comfy texture. This way, warmth and coziness are at the top of the list for sheet priorities. On the other hand, for the best in comfort and breathability, you may want a natural fabric blend, like our Golden Indulgence T-310 sheets. They are a perfect 60/40 blend of cotton/poly to provide the ideal amount of comfort while also being durable enough to last.

Give Guests the Best Night Sleep and Build Your Brand

Whether you are trying to build brand awareness for a hotel or a vacation rental, you want those five-star reviews. Providing guests with a comfortable night of sleep is one of the best ways to reach that goal. Let A1 American help you with our quality supplies for the hospitality industry. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a representative who can assist you with your order today!

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