Why You Need Your Own Vacation Rental Website 1

Why You Need Your Own Vacation Rental Website

The era of the vacation rental has certainly been ushered in by sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and other similar pages. Plus, sites like Booking and TripAdvisor also allow users to search specifically for vacation rentals. However, as a vacation rental owner, you really need to think about starting up your own website. Here are five crucial reasons why starting up your own website might be the most lucrative move to make:

  1. Direct Bookings – 65% of renters prefer to go directly to the source rather than through a third party, according to one recent study.
  2. More Marketing Control – With your own website, you choose how to market your vacation rental. With plenty of resources and tools at your disposal to get your rental on the radar, the options are plenty. On a third-party site, you are limited to the options provided.
  3. Skip the Fees – Booking fees can cut sharply into your profits. They may even stop a sale from happening because the booking fees put your rental over the limit of what a traveler is willing to pay.
  4. Legitimacy – Your vacation rental gains legitimacy in the eyes of travelers when they can view it and book directly on your website. Travelers like to know that they can trust a spot before looking into it to book.
  5. Share Vital Info – More than ever, people want to know about essential details like your designated cleaning protocols between guests. On your website, you can dedicate an entire page to the topic and let guests know that you are prioritizing their health and safety first.

Your Partner for a Successful Vacation Rental

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