Common Mistakes Guests Make when Booking Through a Third-Party 1

Common Mistakes Guests Make when Booking Through a Third-Party

Like it or not, your hotel is going to get a lot of your traffic through online travel agencies (OTAs). So while you want to fight for those direct bookings, you can’t ignore OTAs. Unfortunately, the issues that arise when someone books through an OTA are more difficult to handle. Here are some of the common mistakes guests make that could potentially result in a less-than-perfect experience.

  • Expecting to get the lowest price – most people don’t realize they will get a better rate booking directly with your hotel. The more you can educate consumers on this fact, the better. It will save them the disappointment of learning someone else got a better rate.
  • Not getting their loyalty points – they may expect to see loyalty points build up because they booked with your hotel again, but the OTA may not offer this service. As a result, you can end up with an irate phone call or even an upset guest in the lobby (if they find out during their stay).
  • Experiencing difficulty with booking modifications – most people don’t realize that if they work with an OTA for the booking, then the OTA is responsible for any changes to the itinerary. Your hotel may be very flexible with consumers who book directly, but the policy is often different when dealing with an OTA.

Making Travelers Happy During Their Stay

You can’t stop a traveler from making a bad decision during the booking process, but you can provide the best stay once they arrive, and A1 American has all the quality hospitality supplies you need. We also offer essential care products to help protect your staff and guests during the ongoing pandemic.

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