The Need for Contactless Hotel Tech Is Here to Stay 1

The Need for Contactless Hotel Tech Is Here to Stay

Before the pandemic, hotels were slow to adopt contactless technology for a variety of reasons. However, the forced upgrades during the pandemic may not have been all bad. The fact is that these are things people wanted anyway. That’s why this isn’t just some trend that’s going to disappear with the end of the pandemic. Whether there are more pandemics in our future or not, contactless tech is now the norm for the hotel industry.

Think about some of the reasons for this change:

  • Generational differences – the older generation loves to interact in person and have someone to take care of their needs. The Millennial generation prefers to interact with technology and has no problem making a request using an app.
  • Health concerns – we’re all a little bit more conscious regarding touch surfaces. If someone can enter a hotel room with their phone, they don’t have to worry about germs on a plastic card. They also don’t have to worry about losing it or having it demagnetize in their pocket. 
  • Convenience – people are used to telling the lights in their own home to turn on and off with a voice command. Why not provide them with similar conveniences on the road.
  • Work – remote work is a part of life now, and more people than ever work while traveling. You need to offer the right tech (e.g., high-speed internet) to ensure your guests have what they need.

Helping Hotels Stay on Trend

A1 American offers top-quality hospitality supplies along with essential care products, so you’ll have everything you need to round out the guest’s experience. You provide the tech, and we’ll make sure that all of the other little details are right.

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