What Are Micro-Stimulants & How Can They Boost Team Morale & Enthusiasm 1

What Are Micro-Stimulants & How Can They Boost Team Morale & Enthusiasm?

In the year 2000, experts estimated that the human attention span was about 12 seconds. Today, they believe that number has declined to under 9 seconds. In other words, you would have an easier time getting a goldfish to pay attention at a business meeting than one of your employees. Now, experts are trying to leverage micro-stimulants to boost team morale and enthusiasm as well as to keep them focused on tasks.

Micro-stimulants are not some sort of drug. Instead, these are mini activities that produce satisfaction and help to maintain attention. Here are some examples:

  • Brief periods of physical activity – break up long team meetings with brief periods of exercise or stretching. Be sure the level of activity is appropriate for everyone in attendance.
  • Create tech-free zones – perhaps have lockers for employees to leave devices before entering the meeting. Or, if the devices will be needed at the meeting, require everyone to put them into some sort of do not disturb or focus mode.
  • Provide a snack – make sure any food or beverages provided are healthy.
  • Play a short game – use it as a way to focus. For example, you can have participants write down things related to their senses. Have them make a list of something they see, something they hear, something they feel, etc.

The main point is to break away from the monotony of the meeting with something that provides a boost in energy and morale, so you can quickly return to the meeting with more focus.

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