The 3 Key Pillars for Leadership in Business 1

The 3 Key Pillars for Leadership in Business

If you are in the travel and hospitality industry, there are many reasons to need strong leadership in the workplace that keeps your team motivated. These have been trying times and staffing shortages have led to increasing discontent in the workforce. Here are three key pillars to help you lead your staff to success.

  • Motivation – in the past, a good business leader was considered one who was solely focused on profit. Today, that’s a good way to lose your team – or at the very least to end up with an unmotivated staff. To be a good leader, you need to connect with your employees. Happy employees will be far more productive and will stay with the company longer.
  • Collaboration – it takes more teamwork than ever to make a business successful. You need your team to feel like one. Many businesses have gone to a hybrid model to provide the staff with more freedoms and comforts. Look for this trend to continue, and many hoteliers can now consider how to implement it to keep your staff happy.
  • Think long-term – if you are only focused on how your business will perform next month, in the next six months, or even over the next year, you may fail to take actions that would cause your business to be more successful five or ten years from now. Focus on decisions that have long-term value.

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