Contactless Entry and More of the “New Normal” for the Hospitality Industry 1

Contactless Entry and More of the “New Normal” for the Hospitality Industry

The longer the pandemic continues to spread, the more discouraged the hospitality industry seems to get. However, PPE and other adjustments are likely to save the industry because the fact remains that people want to travel.

With international travel difficult or impossible for most people, that means more sojourns within the US. Here are some of the things that vacationers will expect as a part of the “new normal” in the travel experience.

  • Contactless Entry – This one area where Airbnb owners seemed to get ahead of the curve. I mean, who wants to meet a person to exchange a key when you can have a code to punch in at the door and check-in on your own. Now, hotels need to make the shift. Whether you have keycards printed at an automated machine (like at Yotel, for example) or you let guests use their phones to open the door to their room, you have to find a way to get rid of as many points of contact as possible.
  • Free PPE – A great way to greet your guests is with a PPE welcome kit. Leave the sealed kit waiting for them in the guestroom once you make the switch to contactless entry.
  • Reusable masks with the company logo – Your staff members need masks and will need them for the foreseeable future. Why not have them custom printed with your logo, so your guests will remember which brand took such good care of their needs.

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