Appease the HOA By Revamping Your Gym Pool Space 1

Appease the HOA By Revamping Your Gym/Pool Space

In many locations, a community will have a pool and gym for residents and their families or friends to enjoy. Perhaps your community has these amenities. Has your state allowed them to open, or are they still closed? If the homeowners are starting to get irritated that everything seems to be open except their pool or gym, one way to appease them may be to revamp the space while it is closed. Let everyone know that when they can use the common areas again, there will be big improvements. Here are a few little things you can do that make a big impact.

  • Add soap and shampoo dispensers in the showers – Provide soap and shampoo for members to shower before and after using the pool and gym.
  • Hand sanitizer stations – Even if you leave everything closed until a post-COVID era emerges, people may still clean their hands more often by habit. That’s not a bad thing, and you can encourage it with convenient hand sanitizer stations.
  • Wipes and dispensers – Make it easier for residents to clean equipment before and after working out by installing dispensers with wipes at convenient points in the gym area.

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