Here Are 4 Business Travel Trends for 2022 1

Here Are 4 Business Travel Trends for 2022

Leisure travel isn’t the only type of travel that stalled out during the pandemic. As businesspeople begin to return to travel, what can you expect? Here are some of the things your hotel needs to know.

  • Sustainability is a growing concern – businesses are paying more attention to the environment, and that includes travel and accommodations for employees. If you can help a company to reduce its carbon footprint while still traveling as needed, you can secure more business travel bookings.
  • More people are working remotely – the traveler working in your hotel may not be on a business trip. They may just bring their business with them on vacation. Your rooms need to be set up to offer a comfortable and productive work environment.
  • Risk management includes travel concerns – your hotel needs to offer the circumstances to keep employees safe if you want a business to use your hotel. A company can’t risk a valuable employee to accommodate other travelers who may not be as concerned about the pandemic, and they will find a hotel that meets their needs.
  • Travel patterns have shifted, maybe permanently – remote work has also changed the amount of international travel businesses are booking. You may find that domestic business travel is more lucrative – at least during the rest of this calendar year.

Be Prepared for Business Travelers

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