Rising Hospitality Trends in 2022 1

Rising Hospitality Trends in 2022

The hospitality industry has been thrown into a state of constant flux by the pandemic. What are some of the trends that are continuing to emerge throughout 2022?

  • Last-minute bookings – as cancellation policies start to return to normal, travelers are taking a different approach to avoiding the loss of a deposit. They simply wait until the last minute to book their trips. What does this mean for your hotel? You need to track sales constantly to ensure your room rates are the best for getting bookings while also capitalizing on current trends.
  • Working vacations – business trips are few and far between, but the work from anywhere business climate is turning every trip into a working vacation. That means you need to be prepared to offer fast Internet that reaches every room of your hotel. And be sure to include Wi-Fi in the rate – no one wants to pay extra for high-speed Internet. That would be like charging extra for a better pillow or blanket.
  • Local marketing – more and more people are vacationing just a short drive from home. They want the vacation feel without the extra risks of long-distance travel. Be sure you are targeting local traffic online.
  • Partnerships – partner with local businesses to offer experiences as upgrades for a guest’s stay. This allows you to upsell on your website while also providing the customized experience that travelers crave.

The Supplies Your Hotel Needs to Keep Up with Modern Trends

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