The 3 Pillars to Keep Your Hotel Thriving in 2022 1

The 3 Pillars to Keep Your Hotel Thriving in 2022

If you want your hotel to get ahead and stay there in 2022, here are three pillars you need to build upon:

  • Social media presence – use your social media accounts, not just for marketing purposes but also for increasing brand awareness. Let travelers know who you are with campaigns that utilize hashtags and show off Instagram-worthy locations at and nearby your hotel. Don’t forget to have contests with user-generated content. You want hotel guests to show off to everyone else what they loved about their stay.
  • Enhanced UX – when travelers visit your hotel website, they are going to equate the user experience on your site with the traveler experience at your hotel. That means the UX on your website needs to be as good or better than the competition. Make it easy to search for the dates and locations they want, add packages or select rooms, and complete the sale.
  • Metasearch – this is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. Metasearch is designed to capture web surfers when they are ready to make a purchase, so you can increase your conversion rate dramatically because the travelers reach your site when they want to book. Then your brand presence and UX seal the deal.

The Supplies You Need to Provide a Great Experience

Of course, the importance of experience only starts with your website. When a traveler reaches your hotel, then the experience becomes everything. Let A1 American help you to offer the best guest experiences with our quality hospitality supplies. We also have essential care products to keep your staff and guests safe. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with an A1 American representative and to get your order started now.

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