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Hotel Sustainability: Can the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

One of the main factors that determine whether a traveler will book with your hotel is their willingness to stay. An increasingly popular factor that guests now expect, in order to be willing to stay at a hotel, is sustainability. However, perhaps equally essential from a business point of view is a customer’s willingness to pay. In other words, how much is the traveler willing to pay for the room. If the price is too high, they will choose a cheaper room, even if their willingness to stay at that hotel is slightly lower.

So, where does the environment come into play when it comes to keeping your hotel profitable. Sadly, profitability and what’s best for the planet are often at odds. Consumers can say all they want that sustainability is their determining factor, but if they just go with the cheaper hotel, then you are taking a loss spending all that money on making your hotel more sustainable.

So here are a few tips to help your hotel save the planet while also navigating the costs and fickle travelers:

  • Start with affordable sustainability changes that don’t impact room price – For example, refillable dispensers ultimately save you money on disposable amenity bottles.
  • Advertise what your hotel is doing to operate in a sustainable manner – The same consumers who want sustainable travel often say that they can’t find it.

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