Here Are Four Healthcare Trends for 2022 1

Here Are Four Healthcare Trends for 2022

The pandemic is shaping trends in every industry, and of course, the healthcare industry is at the forefront of many of these trends. Here are four trends that will have a major impact on medicine in the coming year:

  • Mental health care for staff – has your facility been hit by the mass exodus from the healthcare field? Many of the people who are seeking other careers are doing so for their mental health. In 2022, taking care of the mental health of your employees needs to be a priority if you want to keep them on your staff and functioning at a high level.
  • Telemedicine – whether you like it or not, telemedicine isn’t going away – probably ever. It’s a good idea to upgrade your technology and skills in providing virtual care for patients.
  • Gene editing – using CRISPR-Cas9, scientists in medical research labs are searching for solutions to some of the worst diseases. What will 2022 hold? We hope the continued research will lead to more developments that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients.
  • Improved outbreak detection – researchers are looking into new ways to use a “smart city” format to detect outbreaks of disease before they become widely spread.

Helping the Healthcare Industry Navigate 2022 and Beyond

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