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Janitorial Supplies: What Your Business Needs to Consider Stocking Up on for 2022

Janitorial supplies are more essential than ever. You aren’t just cleaning. You are also disinfecting and trying to prevent the spread of disease. Whether you run a janitorial business or are stocking janitorial supplies for a hotel, hospital, or any other enterprise, here are some things you need to think about:

  • PPE – the first thing you have to do is protect your staff. From masks to gloves and even shoe coverings (for example, if you enter a vacation rental to clean after guests leave), PPE can help to protect your staff from being infected while also ensuring they keep the premises clean.
  • Disinfectants – the cleaning agents you use need to be able to kill viruses. From COVID-19 to the common flu, the purpose of cleaning is to get rid of those illness-causing agents rather than simply making things look clean.
  • Refills – from hand sanitizer and hand soap to paper products, we’ve seen all sorts of supply chain issues spring up during the pandemic. You don’t want to run out of the products that you need to keep refilled, at all times for guests’ convenience.
  • Door safety seals – specifically for hospitality businesses such as hotels, you can really put a guest’s mind at ease if a sticker seals the door after the cleaning is done. They know they are the first person entering the room after the cleaning has been completed.

Get the Janitorial Supplies Your Business Needs

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