Tips to Handle New and Existing Vacation Rentals 1

New Year, New Rentals: Tips to Handle New and Existing Vacation Rentals

Travelers are starting to return to vacationing, and rental homes are a popular option. If you are adding new vacation rentals to your existing properties, what are some tips for handling them throughout the pandemic? Here are a few ideas:

  • Property management is crucial – that doesn’t mean you have to hire someone. Just keep in mind that if you don’t hire someone to do it, that makes you the property manager. You will have to manage everything from maintenance to bookings to dealing with issues.
  • Hire the right cleaning team – unless you also plan to clean between guests yourself, hiring the right janitorial team is crucial. Make sure you know they use safe practice for themselves and for your facility.
  • Have a website for direct bookings – don’t rely just on Airbnb or other vacation rental booking sites. Having your own site adds legitimacy to your rental, and it allows you to make more money on bookings or to offer a better rate.
  • Know the current local regulations – first of all, some localities have laws regarding vacation rentals. However, you also have to know about current restrictions due to the pandemic that may impact things like how many people can be in the rental at once.

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