Here Are the Best Tips for Your Hotel to Bounce Back from COVID 1

Here Are the Best Tips for Your Hotel to Bounce Back from COVID

One of the big issues during the recovery of the travel industry has been staffing. There aren’t enough people who want to work in the hospitality industry and the ones who do are often undertrained. How can you hang onto your existing trained staff, entice back quality employees, and get the team members you are now training to stick around for the long haul? Here are some of the tips to help your hotel bounce back from the COVID staffing crisis:

  • Increase base pay – employees are demanding what they call a “living wage.” If you are looking for new hires, you may need to increase your base pay rate to attract the right people.
  • Offer insurance – the pandemic has reminded everyone that health insurance is a basic necessity in the US.
  • Performance perks – give employees an achievable way to earn bonuses or other perks. Whether it is convincing hotel guests to upgrade their room or join your loyalty program, this provides staff with extra reasons to stay onboard and perform.
  • Offer a balanced schedule – working your employees to death is a sure way to have long-time, well-trained employees look elsewhere to make a living. Whether it is more paid sick time or increased vacation days, make sure your employees know that you don’t expect them to sacrifice their physical or mental health as part of the job.

The Products Your Hotel Needs to Bounce Back from the Pandemic

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