What Is a Hospitality Green Pass & Why Is It Being Introduced 1

What Is a Hospitality Green Pass & Why Is It Being Introduced?

There are thirteen countries on the European continent that are already making use of a hospitality green pass. So what does that mean? It involves either paper documentation or digital evidence that an individual is fully vaccinated. In some countries, Italy, for example, you must show a green pass to enter any restaurant in the nation as well as attractions like museums.

It is being introduced in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Delta Variant has resulted in a resurgence of the pandemic and threatens potential lockdowns. Thus, some governments are taking decisive action to slow the spread of the disease so that hospitality businesses can remain open, make money and bring tourists back.

Of course, this is also a source of controversy. Some feel that their right to decide their own medical care is being impacted – those who choose not to get vaccinated are being discriminated against. Regardless of how you personally feel about the issue, you have to consider how your business will be impacted by the spread of the Delta variant or any other variants that may follow.

It is unlikely that similar restrictions will be passed in the US, although some states have more regulations than others. However, these are things to consider, just in case your state finds that something like this becomes necessary or you feel it is vital for the continued function of your hospitality business.

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