Here Is What Hoteliers Believe Is the Future of Returning Business Travel 1

Here Is What Hoteliers Believe Is the Future of Returning Business Travel

While businesses have been slow to send employees back out for trips, the return is still happening. What are some of the things that hotels will need to do to keep up with trends as the return to business travel occurs? Here are some opinions from hoteliers.

  • In-person contact – One of the main reasons for a return to business travel is the fact that professional relationships have suffered without face-to-face contact. Expect business travelers to want a place to meet clients and partners.
  • Increased productivity – Anything your hotel can do to keep the trip more productive will be welcome. Expedited check-out and check-in will be expected. The front desk isn’t where businesspeople want in-person contact.
  • Digital meetings – Most meetings are now a hybrid of in-person and online attendees. Thus, meeting rooms in the hotel will need to provide the tech to make these hybrid meetings easier.
  • Business/leisure travel – Business travelers want to be able to enjoy the local scene when not in meetings. That means providing access to local restaurants and hot spots. Business travelers also crave room upgrades to enjoy a little luxury, free Wi-Fi, and rewards points for their stay.

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