Companies Are Looking for New Ways to Incentivize Business Travel 1

Companies Are Looking for New Ways to Incentivize Business Travel

It seems that business travel is taking even longer to return to normal than vacation travel. We’ve learned to do everything remotely during the pandemic. But does that mean business travel will never recover? Let’s look at some of the ways that companies are trying to incentivize business travel to get businesspeople back in the air and into hotels.

  • Focus on domestic business travel – Domestic travel is about twice as likely to be possible, so companies are focused on getting businesspeople from point A to point B within the country while placing international trips on hold.
  • Testing and expensing – Just over one-quarter of US businesses are requiring travelers to get testing before coming back to the office. For those who do need to be tested, 60% of companies are either paying for the testing or reimbursing their employees in full.
  • Evaluating ROI – Over 40% of businesses acknowledge that they are reevaluating what business travel is essential based on how much of a return they expect from the trip. Nearly half of companies are reducing overall travel costs.
  • Focus on traveler well-being – Businesses are combining in-person and virtual attendees to events to limit attendance and protect staff.

The statistics above were reported in a GBTA poll during the month of September.

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