Here Is What Smart Room Tech Is Offering Casino Hoteliers 1

Here Is What Smart Room Tech Is Offering Casino Hoteliers

Everything that is on-trend right now in the hospitality industry is a result of the ongoing pandemic; the same is true for all hotels, whether there is a casino attached or not. However, if you run a casino hotel, you probably realize that the boom in technology that started before the pandemic as a convenience, is now becoming essential. Here are some of the things guests will expect and that are crucial for safety

  • Mobile check-in – guests don’t want to have to interact with a human to get to their hotel room. Eliminating every point of contact that you can is smart and sets hotel guests at ease. Not only is it convenient, but when a guest can skip waiting online at the desk, you can get them settled in and to the games quicker. Since they are already on their phone, don’t forget to create an app that includes in-app purchases.
  • Smart room conveniences – being able to access the TV, thermostat, and other in-room services from a smart tablet decreases touchpoints in the room as well. The tablet can also be used to order room service, schedule spa services, or book other amenities directly from the room.

The Best Integrations for Your Hotel

Besides smart integrations, you are also going to need essential care supplies and general hotel supplies to keep things running smoothly. That is why A1 American is here with the hospitality supplies that hotel owners trust. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with an informed A1 American representative who can help get your order started!

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