Hilton’s New “Travel the World” Campaign Encourages Local Travel Alternatives 1

Hilton’s New “Travel the World” Campaign Encourages Local Travel Alternatives

A rising trend in travel brought on by the pandemic is traveling closer to home. Hilton is looking to capitalize on this trend and necessity by encouraging travelers to get that international experience they want, just a little closer to home.

This campaign makes a lot of sense. International travel has been mostly shut down over the past two years. People still want those cultural experiences, and hotels still want guests. So what is the compromise? Find ways to offer cultural experiences at your hotel, whether you can do so onsite or need to partner with nearby businesses.

For example, your hotel can team up with local restaurants that offer authentic cuisine from other countries. Then you can also offer a package to guests to provide them with a culinary trip across the globe without having to leave town. Make the meals and the hotel stay a package deal to increase value for guests and ensure bookings for the restaurants.

Additionally, you can place special focus on local culture and provide an experience that is completely unique to your city or region. You don’t have to provide international flair to offer a cultural experience that people crave.

Entertaining Guests Who Are Traveling Closer to Home

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