Quick Tips to Help Fill Gaps in Your Hotel Occupancy 1

Quick Tips to Help Fill Gaps in Your Hotel Occupancy

Most hotels suffer from gaps in occupancy. Sure, your hotel may be full on Friday and Saturday, but that leaves you scrambling to fill rooms five nights per week. Here are three categories of travelers you can use to fill in the gaps in your hotel occupancy: 

  • Business meeting attendees – most business meetings occur during the days you are looking for guests to fill vacancies. You don’t need a very big room to hold a meeting with 20-30 people attending, and they can fill a big chunk of your vacant rooms on a weekday.
  • Other business travelers – again, you are looking at people who travel from Sunday through Thursday. Help them to see why your hotel is the best option. Whether it is meal offerings, high-speed Internet, or a comfortable desk space – there are plenty of ways to attract business travelers who want a comfortable place to unwind in the evening.
  • Eloping couples – these couples are often trying to avoid the traditional days for weddings. They may be traveling alone or with a small party of friends. Either way, they are usually thinking about the wedding first and not expenses, so you have the opportunity to offer package deals that give them a romantic getaway for the elopement while filling in the gaps in your hotel.

Treating Guests to Luxury and Safety 

A1 American can help you to treat those guests well once you do fill the gaps in your hotel occupancy. From our quality hospitality supplies to essential care products, we have what you need to offer both luxury and safety to travelers during the pandemic. Call 833.205.2200 to learn more or to get in touch with a friendly and informed A1 American representative who will help get your order started! 

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