Hotel Marketing Tactics - Crafting Email Subject Lines During a Pandemic1

Hotel Marketing Tactics: Crafting Email Subject Lines During a Pandemic

People may be getting back to travel, but the pandemic isn’t over yet. That means your direct marketing emails need to show, right from the title, that you are going to take good care of your guests. How can you create subject lines that get people to read your emails during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are a few tips:

  • Pique their curiosity – tease them with what is inside your email. Try something like, “This will make you want to change out of your pajamas and get on the road.” Just be sure the contents deliver on the promise by offering a great vacation package.
  • Make it urgent – starting with a line like, “You won’t see this kind of deal next summer,” is a good reminder that once things are completely back to normal, vacations are going to come at a premium. They should book now while there are still deals.
  • Personalize it – use your customer’s name and either a nearby city or a place they have recently searched. Something to the effect of, “Mat, check out these great deals in New York City,” significantly increases your chance of getting someone to open the email.

Get People Back to Your Hotel This Summer

The right marketing campaign can get those rooms full again. And when it does, A1 American will be here to ensure you have all of the hotel supplies and essential care products you need to welcome guests back. Give us a call today at 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a friendly A1 representative who can get your order started.

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