How to Get People Back to Your Gym After COVID 1

How to Get People Back to Your Gym After COVID

Fitness centers are struggling. Many were closed during the pandemic, some even having to close back down after reopening. Others have lost members who discovered they really enjoyed working out at home during quarantine. Finally, there are some people who are just afraid to go back, even if states have said it is okay to reopen.

How can you get people back to your gym? Here are three tips:

  • Make people feel safe again – There are certain precautions you can take to make people feel safe in your fitness center. Offer hand sanitizer right at the door and throughout your facility. Have disposable masks for members who forgot to bring one. Enforce mask policies and polices about cleaning equipment before and after use.
  • Make social distancing easier – If you can’t separate machines, make sure there is a barrier between them. Mark the floor for classes so that members know exactly where to stay for their routine. Move any classes that can be outside to the open air for the time being.
  • Market your safety measures – From social media to emails to calling your members directly, ensure that everyone knows that you are making things as safe as possible for your members. And, of course, let them know about any specials you are running for joining or rejoining.  

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