Making Your Hotel Suitable for Millennials and Beyond 1

Making Your Hotel Suitable for Millennials and Beyond

Many hotels are experiencing a similar dilemma right now. The hotel industry was designed around the baby boomer generation. Not only is that generation no longer the most populous, but they are also at higher risk for COVID-19, so many will be staying away from travel longer than their younger relatives. How can you make sure that your hotel is ready for millennial guests as well as those of the younger generations? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Create a great experience – From smart room technology to essential care products to beautiful and comfortable furnishings, you need to think about guest experience and what the younger generation wants from a hotel stay.
  • Get an influencer on board – Influencers can put your hotel on the map with a single social media post. Attract influencers to your hotel both with experiences as well as with buzzwords like ecotourism, sustainability, and other marketing that shows you care about climate change and the future of the planet.
  • Use technology the right way – One of the top priorities with technology right now has to be to offer a contactless experience for guests. From self-check-in to ordering room service from an app, make sure your guests have amenities that are safety and convenience forward.

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