More Essential Products from the A1 American PPE Catalog

More Essential Products from the A1 American PPE Catalog

You need to make preparations for the return of travelers at your hotel, and that means stocking up on essential products for the health and safety of your staff and guests. Today, we are going to focus on three essential products to provide your staff, whether they work at the front desk or clean the rooms.

  • Nitrile Gloves – Gloves protect the hands of your staff. They can also be changed between rooms or dealing with guests to prevent spreading contamination from one person to another. Just remind your staff that wearing gloves does not replace proper hygiene. Hands should be washed between glove changes or, at the very least, hand sanitizer should be applied.
  • Disposable Face Masks – Face masks are critical if a person is an asymptomatic spreader of a virus. He or she may have no idea that they are sick, but still be passing on the disease. Therefore, your staff should wear masks to protect your guests. Of course, guests should also be required to wear masks in order to protect your staff. This, combined with social distancing, keeps the risk of transmission to a minimum.
  • Hand Sanitizer – A hand sanitizer pump should be available at the desk of anyone working in the lobby or offices. Let your housekeeping staff have one on the cart as well. This is a good way to clean hands when it is not possible to get to a sink at the moment.

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A1 American is proud to offer the PPE that hotels need right now. View our entire catalog online today and then call 833.205.2200 to place an order.

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