Preparing Your Health Spa to Reopen as Coronavirus Restrictions Are Lifted

Preparing Your Health Spa to Reopen as Coronavirus Restrictions Are Lifted

As some states get closer to entering stage three of their COVID-19 reopening, that means your health spa may be able to accept patrons soon. Of course, if you personally feel that it is not safe to open yet, the decisions will be up to you. However, if you have to open right away for financial reasons, you need to take the best safety precautions for your customers as well as for your staff. Here are a few tips from the International Spa Association, which created a reopening checklist.

  • Know local regulations and guidelines and follow them carefully. The last thing you need after a long closure is a fine for failing to follow local or state laws.
  • Update staff policies and job descriptions. Everyone is on the cleaning crew now, and everyone has to follow the safety guidelines set by the government and your company. If you need to limit how many people are in the building, you may have to stagger staff schedules at first. Rather than going back to a five or six-day workweek, some staff members may only be allowed to schedule clients two or three days per week.
  • Check everyone’s temperature at the door and send anyone home (personnel or guests) with a fever.
  • Set social distancing guidelines.
  • Acquire the necessary personal protective equipment for your team and have extra on hand for guests.

The Essential Care Products Your Spa Needs Before Reopening

From masks and gloves to contactless thermometers and hand sanitizing stations, A1 American is proud to offer the essential care products that can help US businesses to reopen safely. To learn more, call us today at 833.205.2200 or submit our online contact form.

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