The Products You Need to Revamp a Gym for Post-Pandemic Reopening

Do you need practical products for your gym to improve customer experience? Are you looking for products that will help make your gym safer for members in the post-pandemic world? A1 American would be proud to be your partner by supplying the fitness center products needed. Here are the types of facilities we offer products for:

  • Private Gyms – From hand sanitizer dispensers to hand soap, we carry the products that will protect the health of your members and make your fitness center a place where they can get a workout and feel safe.
  • Hotel Gyms – Hotels have to sure up several areas to keep guests safe. The hotel fitness center is one important place to offer hand sanitizing stations. You also want disinfecting products to keep the equipment clean.
  • Community Centers – You work hard to provide a safe space in the community. We can help with PPE for your staff and sanitizers and soaps for your visitors.
  • Homeowner Associations – The neighborhood gym may still be closed in some places, but you can prep it for opening with the right products. Keep the neighborhood fit and safe.

Besides health-related products, our catalog has a wide array of supplies that gyms need, especially when everything is completely reopened. We even offer dispensers and toiletries for the gym showers so there is plenty of body wash and shampoo on hand.

The Products Fitness Centers and Gyms Need

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