Protecting Your Healthcare Workers During Flu Season 1

Protecting Your Healthcare Workers During Flu Season

Things have been difficult enough in the healthcare sector with the global pandemic raging. Now flu season is upon us, and your staff may be contending with both viruses at once. How do you intend to protect your staff and your patients from these two diseases at the same time? Here are the three most important things to remember.

  1. Encourage all staff members to get a flu vaccine. This is highly recommended by the CDC for the upcoming flu season, especially because the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing.
  2. Keep the facility clean – Disinfectants, hand sanitizer stations, and handwashing stations are more essential than ever before. Make sure that your staff is well-trained to keep the facility clean and to use proper hygiene.
  3. Keep vital PPE in supply – This means masks, gowns, face shields, and all of the other crucial protective gear that can keep your employees safe as they battle this virus on the frontlines and with the flu joining the fray for the fall and winter months. Now is the time to stock up as hospitals across the country are beginning to fill with patients once again.

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