The 7 Most Vital Hotel Marketing Tips 1

The Most Vital Hotel Marketing Tips

Modernizing your hotel marketing strategy is crucial to survive the pandemic and capitalize on reopening. Here are a few strategies to help your hotel succeed:

  • Use Facebook and Instagram – people want to see your hotel and they want to envision what their vacation posts are going to look like. When they see your social media posts and your sponsored ads are exactly where they want to be – that translates directly into bookings.
  • Always upsell – for hotels, that usually means contacting your bookings a few days before they arrive to encourage an upgrade or an add-on experience.
  • Do some competitive research – you should always know what your competitors are doing. You can get some good ideas to apply to your marketing as well as dismiss ideas that clearly aren’t working, so you don’t make the same mistake.
  • Keep up with traveler trends – knowing what your guests want and expect is half the battle. The modern focus is on health and wellness, experiences, food and sustainability of the experience.
  • Use your app – push notifications are a great way to do everything, from advertising a sale to requesting a review after a stay.
  • Make Use of Off-Season Offers – we don’t have to tell you that the fewer empty rooms you have during the off-season, the better.
  • Offer special rates for extended stays – extended travel is becoming more popular during the pandemic, where the actual traveling is viewed as the most dangerous part of the trip. If a family can cook and work from the room, you may be able to book more extended travelers, both, now and in the future.

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