The Sustainable Food Service Products You Need During COVID-19

The Sustainable Food Service Products You Need During COVID-19

Just about every restaurant is now offering takeout, curbside pickup, drive-thru, delivery, or some other means of contactless or limited contact service. This means that rather than using cloth napkins and flatware, you are providing diners with disposable products. How can you maintain your company’s dedication to sustainability when everything has to be thrown away after use? A1 American is here to help with these great products:

  • Compostable food containers – Whether you are serving an entire meal or a bowl of soup, compostable containers allow you to provide sustainable takeout meals. Soup cups are available in 8 and 16-ounce sizes with lids.
  • Sustainable dinnerware – Forks, spoons, and knives need to go out with every meal, but that doesn’t mean they have to be detrimental to the planet. Our forks, spoons, and knives may be disposable, but they are sustainable.
  • Compostable cold cups – These compostable cups come in both 16 and 24-ounce sizes. This allows you to offer two sizes of beverages to go with meals. Since drinks have low overhead, this is a great way to keep profits up when you have fewer covers in-house.

Get the Food Service Products and PPE You Need in One Place

A1 American has the foodservice products your restaurant needs to maintain sustainability during these challenging times. However, you also need a variety of PPE, and we have those products as well. Just call 833.205.2200 to get the food service supplies and essential care items you need in one convenient place.

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