Supplies to Protect Members and Employees at Your Fitness Center

Supplies to Protect Members and Employees at Your Fitness Center

Many states are allowing fitness centers to be open, some with restrictions to help . Unfortunately, some regions have had to reclose business due to current outbreaks. Do you have all of the essential care products to keep your employees and members safe as we continue to combat the global pandemic? Here are a few ideas.

  • Abundant use of hand sanitizer stations – Make sure they are easily visible so that members and staff can apply hand sanitizing solution at regular intervals.
  • Disposable face masks – Face masks are required in many states, especially indoors. Even if they are not required at your facility by the state or local authorities, it is still a good policy to have. Keeping disposable masks on hand for staff and for guests who may forget to bring a mask will help ensure everyone is protected.
  • Disinfecting wipes and dispensers – Everyone should be wiping down the equipment both before and after use. Disinfecting wipes in dispensers throughout the gym would make it easy for members to comply.

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