Essential Care Products for Your Reopened Restaurant

Essential Care Products for Your Reopened Restaurant

Many states have already reopened restaurants. A few still have restrictions. Unfortunately, we have seen some states have to add restrictions once again due to outbreaks. So whether your business is back up and running, or you need to wait a little while, it is important to be prepared. Do you have all of the essential care products that your staff and guests need in order to both feel and actually be safe during a global pandemic?

Here are some necessary products for your eatery that you can acquire from A1 American.

  • Non-contact infrared thermometer – You should be checking the temperature of staff when they arrive at work so that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 is not allowed into the restaurant. You may also choose to have this policy for customers as an added layer of protection.
  • Disposable face masks – Kitchen staff needs to wear face masks at all times to prevent the risk of contamination of the meals to be served. Your waitstaff also needs to wear masks in case they are asymptomatic spreaders. This will offer an additional layer of protection for your guests.
  • Hand sanitizer stations – You need easy access to hand sanitizer for your guests at the door as well as for your staff throughout the facility. You also may wish to have small bottles of hand sanitizer at the table for guests to use.

Trust A1 American for Your Essential Care Products and Other Restaurant Supplies

A1 American has more than just essential PPE for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide array of products, including table linens, towels, trash liners, and more!  Call 833.205.2200 to get your order started today.

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