What a Current Study Reveals About Upcoming Hotel Bookings 1

What a Current Study Reveals About Upcoming Hotel Bookings

SevenRooms recently released the results of a poll that provides essential figures for the hospitality industry. One of the most crucial questions in the survey involved the reasons for staying at a hotel during the pandemic. Here are the top four reasons people would travel right now.

  • Vacation – 36% of responders are still willing to travel for vacation. While many of these trips are shorter or local, there are still opportunities to book vacationers at your hotel.
  • Life Event – Whether a couple is celebrating their 20th anniversary or someone is turning the big 4-0, 25% of responders said they are willing to book a hotel room for the celebration.
  • Business – 21% of responders said they are most likely to travel for work. It is a good reminder that you still need to be ready to accept business travelers.
  • Staycation – People want to travel internationally, but since that is not an option for most people right now, local travel is the next best thing. Sometimes, just getting out of the house is more important than getting out of the country or even the state.

Remember that these guests are all going to be thinking about safety first. So be sure to focus on cleanliness and preventative measures, and advertise these to travelers and businesspersons alike.

Helping You Provide Safe Accommodations Now and Into the Future

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