What Is a Zero Waste Restaurant & Why Hotels Are Seeking This Label 1

What Is a Zero-Waste Restaurant & Why Hotels Are Seeking This Label?

Zero-waste is a term that is growing in popularity due to the sustainability movement that is spreading across the globe. What does it mean to be a zero-waste restaurant? You need to reduce the waste of a typical restaurant by approximately 90% to receive this accolade. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Sustainable food service – you need to reorganize your menu and portion sizes to reduce how much food is thrown away. You should also be trying to work with foods that are available seasonally, and that can be sourced from local growers and producers.
  • Control your inventory – maintaining the proper inventory will keep food from going bad in the cooler or pantry. It may also mean occasionally running out of menu items. But for many guests, that is better than knowing that a lot of food is getting wasted!
  • No single-use items – this means trading in paper napkins for cloth ones that can be reused. Disposable cups and tableware need to be upgraded to reusable items as well.
  • Manage your overall waste – in doing this, your whole staff must be educated in environmental issues and committed to reducing waste, so that the goal will be unattainable. Look for ways to recycle or reuse anything. Even old cooking oil may be able to be filtered and find new life as a biofuel.

Upgrade Your Hotel Restaurant to Meet Sustainability Goals

You can’t run a sustainable hotel if the restaurant is producing ten times the waste of a comparable zero-waste business. A1 American wants to help you reach your sustainability goals. Contact us today at 833.205.2200 to learn more about the hospitality supplies we offer, including essential care products.

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