Here’s What the New Wave of Private Clubs Is All About 1

Here’s What the New Wave of Private Clubs Is All About

Members-only clubs saw a temporary shutdown during the pandemic. However, once the bar for restrictions was slightly lowered, this is one of the first places people flooded to Now that we are about a year and a half into the pandemic, what do private club activities look like? Will the member boom continue? What will clubs have to do to hang onto members who were just desperate to have something to do while most other activities were still shut down?

  • New hobbies picked up during the pandemic are likely here to stay – golf is a great sport for social distancing, making it a new hobby for a lot of people last year. Once you’re hooked on a hobby you love, you don’t just typically quit because you can do other things again!
  • People are busier now – members had a lot more leisure time on their hands during the peak of the lockdowns. Now, members are back to work, travel, and social activities. More people are dropping by to shoot nine holes instead of spending the day and are taking grab-and-go meals rather than sitting down to look at a menu.
  • Members want multiple amenities – if you also offer a pool, gym, or other amenities, members are more likely to stay on long-term. Differing levels of membership allow people who just want to golf to avoid increased fees.

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