The Hotel Staffing Shortage Crisis - How to Address It With Tech 1

The Hotel Staffing Shortage Crisis: How to Address It with Tech

Hotel staffing shortages are plaguing the industry in its reopening nearly as much as the impacts of the pandemic, during the lockdown. So how can technology help you navigate these shortages and still provide a positive experience for returning travelers?

  • Front desk automation – contactless check-in has been popularized by the pandemic and is one of the factors that people love about vacation rentals. It may be time for your hotel to replace your front desk with self-service check-in kiosks. Of course, you will still need to hire someone to answer calls and provide assistance, but you can do away with having multiple people at the main desk 24 hours a day.
  • Leveraging the data – if you use the data you have on travelers to customize their experience, you will receive fewer calls to the front desk. Remembering the type of pillows a guest prefers, for example, can save you from having to swap out big fluffy pillows for slightly firmer ones for a side sleeper.
  • Automated cleaning – robots that can vacuum, transport baggage, or deliver room service used to be novelties. Now they may be the only way to make sure all those jobs are getting accomplished.

Get The Supplies You Need to Help You Run Your Hotel

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