What Is Job Ghosting and How Can the Hospitality Industry Overcome This Trend 1

What Is Job Ghosting and How Can the Hospitality Industry Overcome This Trend?

You have probably been hearing the term job ghosting a lot lately. What does it mean, and how can businesses in the hospitality industry in particular combat it? Here is what you need to know.

Job ghosting is when someone just completely cuts off contact with their place of employment without any warning. There is no notice and no response when the company tries to contact the person. In rare cases, this is due to something serious. However, it is more often the modern employee’s way of quitting. It is also how some new hires respond to job offers.

Since there is such a labor crisis in the hospitality industry, what can you do to keep your new hires from ghosting you? Here are some quick tips.

  • Have personal contact with new hires – if the whole process took place online, it might be easier for someone to accept the job and then just never show up because they got a better offer someplace else.
  • Watch for red flags – most prospective employees give indicators of issues. Don’t ignore them. Check references and observe the attitude of the person during interviews.
  • Address negative online reviews – sometimes, a person waits until after they get a job to do their research. If your company has bad reviews from employees who were let go during the pandemic, try to address these. Even seeing a response may be enough for a new hire to ignore the noise from disgruntled employees of the past.

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