Here Are Some Tactics for Hotel Sourcing Strategy Optimization 1

Here Are Some Tactics for Hotel Sourcing Strategy Optimization

If your hotel wants to get back to strong relationships with business travelers, you need to know the tactics companies are using to source hotel rooms. Here are a few of the things that businesses want when sourcing hotels for corporate travel.

  • Savings – the hospitality industry is not the only one that was hard hit by the pandemic. Follow that up with economic uncertainties due to the war in eastern Europe, and you have the recipe for tighter traveling budgets. That means you are going to have to find a happy medium where you still get a decent rate for your rooms, but the discount results in plenty of bookings.
  • Availability – you have to ensure that rooms are available at the rates you negotiate. If corporate travelers try to book the agreed-upon discounted rates and there are no rooms available on the dates or at the location they require, they are unlikely to book at a higher rate. They’ll just shop around at other hotels in the area.
  • Build strong partnerships – corporations are not looking to build relationships with different hotel chains in every city they do business in. A good partnership could make your brand their go-to in every city you operate in where they need rooms.

Welcome Corporate Travelers in Style

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